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Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Theatre EVOLVE's unwavering dedication to anti-racism and equity is centered on nurturing a vibrant space where diversity isn't just present—it's celebrated. We stand firm in our pledge to ensure that each person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, or background, is not only recognized but genuinely embraced and valued within our company. Our commitment to building an equitable artistic space is unyielding. 


EVOLVE aims to support new artists and provide them with resources and experiences to empower them in the Chicago Theatre Community. We recognize that Chicago and the American Theatre at large have historically disenfranchised BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and artists with disabilities. We will take initiative within our company to address and eliminate barriers for artists and collaborators within our space.

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Land and Atrocities 

Theatre EVOLVE acknowledges we are on the ancestral homelands of the Council of Three Fires — the Ojibwa, Ottawa and Potawatomi — Kickapoo, Mascouten, Wea, Delaware, Winnebago, Mesquakie and Sauk — and a place of trade with many other peoples, including the Ho-Chunk, Miami and Menominee. We acknowledge that Chicago has the third-largest urban Native American population, and that the stewards of this land are still here.


Chicago remains one of America’s most racially segregated cities, inherited from a legacy of redlining, black codes and the first 500 slaves brought to Illinois for mining in 1719 under French rule. African American equality in Chicago is still being fought for and we affirm it is long overdue.


As a theatre company serving the Chicago area, we acknowledge the role the theatre industry has in shaping history, and our company’s participation in it. We celebrate the history of Indigenous, Black, Latinx and AANHPI people and their immense contributions to Chicago and our society. We commit ourselves to developing a deeper understanding of diverse communities who live and practice their heritage and traditions on this land.

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