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Founded in 2017, Theatre EVOLVE emerged as a force to reckon with in the world of theater, aiming to dismantle outdated gatekeeping practices. Our mission is clear: to challenge the norms and infuse new energy into the theatrical landscape.

In a deliberate departure from the status quo, we've made it our signature approach to allocate 50% of every production to artists who embody the spirit of newness. This "newness" takes many forms—whether it's artists who are new to the scene, new to their craft, or new to the city itself.

At Theatre EVOLVE, innovation meets inclusivity in a dynamic fusion. We're all about breaking barriers and providing a platform for emerging talents to shine alongside established artists. The result is a fresh and authentic theater experience that defies conventions.

We invite you to witness the transformation firsthand at Theatre EVOLVE—where tradition takes a back seat and the spotlight shines brightly on the exciting voices shaping the future of theater.

Our Team.

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