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Since its inaugural performance of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in 2017, Theatre EVOLVE has steadfastly pursued its vision of providing opportunities for artists. Committed to fostering fresh talent, the company ensures that 50% of each production's staff comprises artists who have not previously collaborated with Theatre EVOLVE. Over the years, the organization has curated play festivals, conducted readings, and hosted the esteemed "Hot Mic Night" series. Additionally, Theatre EVOLVE takes pride in presenting two world premieres, demonstrating a commitment to original works that push the boundaries of theatrical expression. With a strategic focus on inclusivity and innovation, Theatre EVOLVE remains at the forefront of empowering emerging artists and enriching the cultural landscape.

Season 3

Season 3: Krugozor! 

By: Katie Coleman
Directed By: Anna Rachel Troy

Cast and Crew Info CAST ​Svetlana - Caroline Kidwell Vitaly - Andy Ricci Oleg/Aleksandr - Anthony Whitaker Lyubov/Valeria - Ellen Spann Male Ensemble - Ian Maryfield Female Ensemble - Audrey Napoli Krugozor 1 - Christine Watt Krugozor 2 - Liv Rose Krugozor 2/Ensemble u/s - Isabella Y. Loutfi Krugozor 1/Ensemble U/s - Connor O. Locklin Lyubov/Valeria u/s - Anna Seibert Oleg/Aleksandr U/S - Peyton Hooks Vitaly U/S - Kamron Palmer Svetlana U/S - Logan UhiwaiO'Alohamailani Rasmussen CREW Producer - Jen Sloan Stage Manager - Gabrielle Owens Music Director - Alex Kulak Set Designer - Alexander Trice Props Designer - Elise Soeder Sound Designer - Dawson Schmit Costume Designer - Moises Diaz Lighting Designer - Abby Beggs Violence Designer - Pol Cooney Intimacy Designer - Tristin Hall SPECIAL THANKS Rattle Back Records, Vedas Plants, Rewired Pizza Cafe, Northlight Theatre, Giordanos, Lifeline Theatre, A Little Bit Board, New City Moving, Third Coast Guitar And Amp Repair, Ann and Walter Trout, Susan Troy, Brianna Oliver, Max Cohen, and Kel Hucke

"a wild, energetic production that mixes performance styles, tone, and mood with the wild, carefree abandon of someone changing stations every few seconds on a car radio. Yet somehow, director Anna Rachel Troy and her cast keep it together, mixing strictly naturalistic scenes, with ones with a more Brechtian tinge." 
- Jack Helbig,

The Chicago Reader (RECOMMENDED)

"the infectious energy of everyone involved ensures that the clever script never fails to engage throughout its length. I might not want to go back to the U.S.S.R., but I would recommend to anyone a look back at Krugozor."
- Noel Schecter,

NewCity Stage (RECOMMENDED) 

Season 2

Season 2: Human Resource(s) 

By: Sara Means
Directed By: Jen Sloan

Cast and Crew Info CAST Dylan - Jonathan Allsop Sally - Jackie Sejio Matt - Trevor Strahan Alice - Shanna Sweeney Trudy - Andrea Uppling Laura - Anna Rachel Troy Male Swing - Colby Carlson Female Swing - Mary Eliza Willingham CREW Stage Manager - Shelby Burgus Casting Director - Marisa Lerman Violence Designer - Tristin Hall Scenic Designer - Alex Casillas Lighting / Sound Designer - Blake Cordell Prop / Costume Designer - Anna Troy Production Manager - Jacob Mundell SPECIAL THANKS Patrick Emile, Jessica Helton, Matt Moore, Ryan Prieto, Addison Roush, Jeremy Aluma, Sean Marburger, David Gallo, Emma Sheikh, Will Nicholson, Brandon Nelson, James Murphy and Trainman Photography, Robert and Susan Troy, Jason Strahan and KPMG

"Human Resource(s) gives off the unpleasant human stench of a post-apocalyptic reality show: The Apprentice meets The Hunger Games."

- Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog

"the show overall has a darkly comic glee that kept me engaged for most of the show. Everyone in the audience should recognize at least one of the characters from one of the places they have worked, though hopefully not more than one."

- Kevin Curran,

Chicago Theatre Review (RECOMMEND)

Season 1

Season 1: Twelfth Night 

By: William Shakespeare
Directed By: Anna Rachel Troy

Cast and Crew Info CAST Viola - Elise Soeder Orsino - Ty Fanning Malvolio - Andy Ricci Olivia - Chelsee Carter Maria - Allison Towbes Antonio - Brandi Brown Feste - Julia Germeroth Sir Andrew - Nick Villalon Sebastian - Josh Pennington Toby Belch - Suzy Krueckeberg CREW Assistant Director - Kamille Dawkins Stage Manager - Wilhelm Peters Production Assistant - Kristen Jamerson​ Dramaturg - Chelsea David Text Coach - Trevor Strahan Set Designer - Shea Messinger Music Composer - Erick Rivera Sound Designer - Becca Venable Costume Designer - Amy Johnson Lighting Designer - Jacob Mundell Violence Designer - Trevor Strahan Props Designer - Anna Troy SPECIAL THANKS Windy City Musicals - Robert and Susan Troy Compass Casting - Blue Door Collective Trainman Photography

“The show was entirely driven by the characters - by their interactions and motivations. The director did a fine job of justifying all the absurd lengths that characters go to. There wasn’t much in the plot that felt wildly contrived – and for a Shakespeare comedy, that’s a minor miracle.”

​- The Hanslick Girls